Running Tights

Running tights are a very useful piece of kit to own as they help to keep you warm whilst you are out training or competing. However, these are also one of the most expensive pieces of clothing that you can buy and there is not one type that suits everybody. The fact that they are made from different fabrics and lengths makes them very versatile, but this versatility comes with a price. If you want to know what kind of lights you need, then read on. This article is going to take a quick look at what type of tights are best for you, as well as why so many runners still find cheap running tights so beneficial.


Tights tend to be either synthetic or wool, although they can be made from a mix of both materials. Both of these materials can be extremely comfortable and work well if you want something that is light weight and breathable as well. Many people prefer to use the synthetic fabrics, but the wool variety tends to last longer. Some people will argue that you get what you pay for when it comes to running shoes, but with so many different varieties and styles, you will find that you do actually get what you pay for in terms of tights. If you are looking for something lightweight and breathable, then tights are perfect. If you need something that can take a bit more impact than regular tights, then the wool material is great. Just make sure you do not go too cheap and choose a pair that is a little too thick as this could lead to injury.


It is best to buy a pair of tights that are slightly bigger than your feet as they tend to fit tighter and therefore will support your foot better than a pair that is smaller. In addition to helping support your foot, running tights will also keep your insides nice and dry. When choosing your tights make sure that you have a good idea of how often you will be using them as some pairs of tights are only worn in specific occasions such as running, or other similar sports activities. Make sure that the tights you select are suited to whatever you want to use them for. If you are looking for something that you can wear every day, then make sure you select a pair of running tights that are long enough to allow for full coverage.